Cleanness in a gym is primordial. Our Montreal Gym Cleaning Services focus on the safe removal of bacteria and microbes that populate a gym. With double-carefulness, our cleaning team will ensure the cleanness of your gym or fitness center.

It is very important that some areas must be constantly clean and safe to keep the consumer’s healthy and well. We know that bacteria and microbes easily transfer in an unsanitary environment.

We use the best methods and products that are available in the current market.
All surfaces touched by client are sanitised from top to bottom.

Find below there is a list of places that we treat with extra care to ensure your client’s safety.

Locker Room Cleanup

Locker Room is considered one of the not stable and most dangerous areas that needs careful detailed cleaning. Also shower, sink and toilet walls and floor. We use high-quality products that are environmentally safe to clean all are and surfaces of bacteria microbes.

We pay extra attention to the correct way to erase all bacteria and microbes.

A special disinfectant mixed solutions wash these areas. Then we wait a little while the product kills bacteria and microbes and then clean the sites carefully in detail with napkins and then with cloth.

Training Equipment Cleaning

A gym contains a lot of equipment that requires regular cleaning to ensure customer safety. Each equipment is very dangerous zone for users, because mostly of bacteria and microbes. Hundreds of people touch these equipment every day and bacteria and microbes are collected and nestle there. As in locker rooms, we also use here specially mixed solutions, carefully clean equipment from top to bottom and after all these actions, equipment are in perfect condition, purified from microbes and bacteria. Other Great Services that we provide for you

Along with the high traffic areas inside of your gym or fitness center, we also provide a wealth of other great gym cleaning services:

Floor and wall cleaning
General Wipe down of all areas
Garbage removal from all trash cans
Window cleaning inside and out
Office cleaning inside of your facility
and much more!
We provide high quality gym cleaning services listed above,

Allow us to tidy up your fitness center gym and help you keep high standards cleanliness.

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