School and Daycare Cleaning Specialists

For schools and kindergartens, perfect cleanliness is vital. Children and infants have a low and sometimes weak immune system, which makes them more sensitive to bacteria and microbes. Schools and kindergartens are the perfect nest to bacteria and microbes with the many children passing each day. Maintaining a clean environment is primordial for their health and wellbeing.

TM SERVICE, offers you daily thorough cleaning service using bio products safe for the children.

Why Choose Us for your School or Daycare Cleaning Needs

TM Service day care cleaning services is backed by many years of work experience in schools and kindergartens. Our highly qualified team is staffed by professionals with special skills, which is required for accurate and detailed cleaning in school and kindergartens. We use only environmentally clean products that do not harm the children and at the same time kill and annihilate bacteria and microbes. With these products, we are sure, that the work will be of good quality and at the same time nothing will endanger the health of children.


Classrooms are a place where children spend much of their time. We pay special attention to these areas. Using cleaning products safe for the children, we clean all surfaces that can be touched by children and staff. We wash the floor with environmentally friendly products, and then with hot water and a powerful industrial vacuum, clean the floor again. We clean the walls and inside windows ensure that children are in a safe environment to study.


Bathrooms as well as school classrooms require a deep cleansing of bacteria and microbes because a large part is concentrated there. We clean thoroughly with chemical fluid sinks, toilets, mirrors, then the walls and floors. We carry of all the garbage out and replace the bags. After the completion of work, the environment is perfectly clean.