‘’Scrub and polish –sweep and clean, Fling your windows wide! See the tree are clad in green! Coax the spring inside! “

...........Louse Bennett weaver and Helen Cowles Lecron ‘’may’’ 1917

Spring is here! Your house needs a thorough deep cleaning. After a long winter, it’s time you roll up your sleeves, open the windows wide and get down cleaning. Let’s face it, spring cleaning is not an easy task and it is time consuming too. There is an ideal solution to this problem, why don’t you delegate this piece of work to professionals who love cleaning.

Please contact us today and join the ranks of our numerous satisfied customers.

Our cleaners are reliable, experienced and highly qualified.

They are available Monday through Friday and weekends. 24 hours a day.

We will professionally clean every square inch of your home. You will be impressed with the results of our work.

We thoroughly clean:

  • Underneath and behind all of the furniture;
  • Walls and floors;
  • Windows from inside;
  • Window frames and sills;
  • Baseboards lighting fixtures;
  • Mirrors, radiators;
  • Doors and door frames;
  • All counter tops and cabinets;
  • Stove hood on top and underneath;
  • All kitchen units inside and out;
  • Knobs and switch plates;
  • Closets sinks toilet bowls;
  • All germ-filled zones.

In other words, we will not leave any unclean space in your house or apartment.

Call us Montreal: +514 586 7709